Scrapbooking Titles

If you currently use scrapbooking titles on your pages than you know why they are important. If you donít currently use them you may be asking what is so special about using a title on your page. A title on your scrapbooking page can really bring your whole page in focus.

If I am stuck on the design phase of a layout I will often look at my photos and try to come up with a catchy title that will inspire my creativity. Finding a great title can sometimes be tricky but with a good resource the title idea can be the foundation for your entire page. For example an ok title could be A Day at the Zoo but a more fun and creative title giving your page a theme would be Monkeying Around at the Zoo or just plain Monkeying around.

You can see in the layout below how the title gives it more pizazz. It is a lot more exciting than simply noting the event and date.

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Using an overall scrapbooking theme for an album can also be helpful. For example you may want to create a wedding album or an album about yourself. Once your overall theme is decided you can make a list of pages you want to include and possible title ideas for those pages. Maybe you got some ideas from a layout book or magazine, thatís great jot them down. A week from now your best ideas can be lost in the shuffle of your life. You can also get some great ideas from our scrapbooking layout ideas pages.

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For more ideas on scrapbooking titles click here.

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