Ideas for Scrapbooking Themes

Scrapbooking themes can help you get started. These are just a few ideas of the different type of theme albums you can make. Or if you want you can just do a few pages.

The below themes can help you get started. These are just a few ideas of the different type of theme albums you can make. Or if you want you can just do a few pages.

Anniversary - this would be a great scrapbooking theme for a couple who have been together many years. It would be challenging to get photos from each year but I am sure the family would be cooperative. Depending on the number of years and pictures you could do single or double page layouts for each year or focus on key events during their marriage.

Baby – many people end up starting to scrapbook when they are pregnant or have a baby. There are many layout idea books on this topic and many magazines focus on babies as layout subject. The most common focus for a baby album would be monthly layouts and documenting all the firsts. I will say that my daughter’s pages took up 2 albums a year in the first two years. There are so many changes to document.

Birthday – You can put all birthday layouts together in one album or do an album focused on birthdays for your whole family for the year. This could be a fun 18th birthday gift for a child to have their first 18 years of birthdays scrapbooked and placed in a fun album.

Children – This is another popular scrapbooking theme type and often a place where people try to go back and catch up in their scrapbooking if they didn’t start it when the kids where younger. If you are playing catch up your best bet is to organize your photos into years and events. Making a list of layouts you want to capture without getting overwhelmed. Just take it one layout at a time. Many people will do an album for each child. That way they will each have their own albums. It is a great idea. I joke that my daughter will need a U-Haul to get her albums when she is older.

Heritage – Many people work on old family photos trying to document their ancestors. This doesn’t mean you have to become a genealogy expert but you can get some key information down in layout for before it is lost. I use my heritage album as filler when I am running low on current layouts. I keep photos and key elements in my work in process box so when I want to work on it everything need is together and handy.

Holiday – You may want to create an album over several years for a particular holiday. Or you may want to create a smaller scrapbook theme or mini album for a particular holiday. Last year I did a scrapbooking mini album as a kind of advent calendar counting down to Christmas. I used it to document something I was thankful for each day in addition to our activities over the month of December.

Pets – Animals are a great source of inspiration for scrapbooking themes and lots of cute embellishments and scrapbooking albums cater to pets. Taking a variety of pictures of the pet(s) alone or interacting with each other or family members has the making of a fun layout.

Seasonal – You can take pictures of each season or of different years in the same season. I saw a great layout completed by taking a photo of the same tree in the family yard from the same distance and perspective each season. It looked like the tree had moved through all the seasons in a matter of moments and was beautiful.

Travel – Tons of possibilities here from a once in a lifetime adventure to the family vacation to Disney or the Grand Canyon. I find it fun to take photos of unique signs to add to my layouts. Make sure you get some nice scenery photos in addition. Personally for many of my family trips I enjoy making smaller mini albums. It is something very portable my daughter can show her friends and we can bring to see family when we get together.

Wedding – This is where I started my scrapbooking theme adventure. So much has changed since then. (all good) There are so many great albums and supplies available to you in this theme. This tends to be the one event that gets tons of photos. I chose mostly candid photos from our disposable table cameras to do my album. It really seemed to capture the essence of the whole reception. For the actual ceremony I chose both black and white and color photos. Limiting my selection since getting prints from the photographer was more expensive than your local photo printer.

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For more ideas about scrapbooking themes check back often.

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