Scrapbooking Techniques - Distressing

Don't stress over scrapbooking techniques, distressing can add a fun element to your scrapbooking pages or mini-album. The best part about this technique is many of the tools involved you will already have on hand in your home. Always practice on scrap paper until you achieve an effect you are happy with.

Edge scraper This is a plastic hand held tools which houses a razor blade. When you run this tool over the edge of paper it will create a slightly frayed look.

Crumpling Paper can be crumpled into a ball and then flattened out again. It will retain much of the crumpled effect which makes it looks worn and weathered. This works better on smaller pieces of paper.

Steel wool This creates an aged look to paper and is easy to hold in your hand. Make sure to use it dry. This will create a scratchy worn look.

Emery board This can be used on the surface or edge of paper to create an aged look. This tool is great for small surfaces.

Stipple brush This is a fan shaped brush which can add a vintage look to your paper with any kind of craft paint. Chalk This can be used on paper alone or paper that has already been distressed to add color.

Bone folder This tool is used to make creases in paper. You can create a series of creases in a pattern with this tool or create a random aged look.

Sandpaper -This can be used on the surface or edge of paper to create an aged look. This tool is great for larger surfaces.

Aging paper with tea This can make a basic cardstock look old. Crumpling would make a nice addition to this aged paper. Heavy cardstock will work best. Soak 3 black tea bags in 2 cups of warm water and let steep for an hour. Use the tea bags to blot on the paper, saturating the paper or area you want effected. Its ok if the tea bag opens, the small flecks left behind will add to the aged look. Sandwich the paper between paper towels and place something heavy on it if you want the paper to be flat when dry. It may need to dry overnight. This scrapbooking technique can be used in a variety of ways.

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