Scrapbooking Techniques for Beginners

Even if you are just starting out scrapbooking techniques can add some pizazz to your pages with a few basic additions to your basic tool kit. Under each technique is a shopping list of items required. I keep my cardstock scraps in an inexpensive plastic pocket portfolio sorted by color, these scraps come in handy.

Beginner Technique #1: Mounting photos on cardstock – this may seem like a basic step but it is one overlooked by many scrapbookers just starting out. It automatically makes your photos pop off the page for greater visibility. On average you want about Ό” of cardstock visible beyond the edge of the photo.

Shopping list – cardstock (which you probably already have – scraps work fine)

Beginner Technique #2: Double mounting photos on cardstock – This can really add some dimension and a new look to your photos. Mount first on one color and then again on a second color. On average you want about Ό” of cardstock visible beyond the edge of the photo for each mount although the inner or outer layer may be adjusted to attain the look you want.

Beginner Technique #3: Ink edging on cardstock – this technique can be used on cardstock mounted photos or an embellishment made from cardstock. The easiest way to do this is to get a Color Box fluid chalk inkpad often called a cats eye (due to its shape). To start get a couple of colors that compliment your favorite color palate. My favorite color is chestnut roan. It is very versatile and is the only cats eye I have a new back-up for at all times.

Beginner Technique #4: Paper tearing - this creates a completely different look from a straight cut. Pull the paper towards you to have the white edge of the torn paper visible.

Beginner Technique #5: Decorative scissors – using scissors with a decorative cutting edge to cut paper or to cut around cardstock mounted photos can add a new look. If you don’t already have these handy they can be purchased inexpensively at a chain craft store.

You can see by viewing these photos how a simple scrapbooking technique like matting or edging can change the entire look of a layout without taking a lot of extra time.

Find more great scrapbooking techniques to try here.

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