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Scrapbooking Projects Idea - As I reflect back over the past year I have thought about how I scrapbook a lot about my family but not much about myself. I resolve to complete an album about myself over the next year. I lost my mother as a teenager and there is so much I wish I knew about who she was, what she aspired to be and what happened to her college sweetheart she had so many pictures of. Hopefully this album will help answer these questions for my daughter and give me a chance to reflect on my own life as well. I hope you will join me in creating an album about yourself. Each month is a unique layout challenge; during some months there are two layouts to be completed. I planned these layouts out for the whole year by doing many of the double layout months in the early part of the year (Jan=month 1) when it is cold and we tent to scrapbook more. I also put many of the more challenging topics in that part of the year. Don't fret if you fall behind over the summer months you can catch up later on. Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun and the non-stressful part of your life! Feel free to skip pages or add pages, after all this is just a guideline to get your thought process rolling. So you can do these at your own pace I will label the files by number vs. an actual month name that way you can start at any time during the year.

All About Me Album

Month 1

This month’s scrapbooking project is a page layout with a description of you and photo(s) of course. You can do a single or double page layout depending on how much information you would like to include. Include anything you want but you might want to consider : birthday, where you were born, marital status, eye and hair color, hair type (long, curly, straight etc), height and weight, children if you have any, pets and any distinctive features. You can also include general health, hospital stays and any other items you feel appropriate. If you come up with some good ideas please e-mail me.

This is also a good time to get an album to put these layouts in. That way as you complete them you can put them directly into your growing collection of pages about yourself!

Month 2

This month's scrapbooking project will be composed of 2 separate layouts - you can do these as singe or double page layouts:

1) What I Dream of Accomplishing and why - its a great idea to put our goals on paper so why not scrapbook them and it will be interesting to look back and see how far you have come with these dreams next year or even years later.

2) My Most Defining Moment - we all have a moment in our lives which really helped to make us who we are. For some this might be a huge accomplishment but for others it may have been caused by circumstances good or bad, but no matter the event it is part of who we are and important to document.

Month 3

For this month's scrapbooking project we will be working on two separate layouts. Documenting the less than perfect events in our lives allows our true selves to come through. We all experience hard times, bad moments or even bad hair days. Life is not always picture perfect.

1) My most embarrassing moment - we all have some story or event in our lives we would consider embarrassing. This layout will allow you to document this event with a spin that suits you. You can create some humorous journaling, a letter of apology if you made a blunder or just writing down the events as they happened.

2) My greatest loss - no matter who you are at some point in your life you have had a significant loss. This can be the death of a loved one, the loss of an opportunity that changed your life, a change in your body due to illness or injury or any other scenario that comes to mind when you think of your greatest loss.

This is a good time to look at events in your life and find the positive (even if small) contributions these events have made to the person you are now. See them from a new perspective perhaps for the first time since they happened.

Month 4

For this month's scrapbooking project we will be working on two separate layouts. These should be fun layouts to do - get creative with it.

1) Your favorite books. This can include your top 10 favorite reads or authors. Take a photo of yourself or family members reading - or do a layout with no photos.

2) Your favorite music. Again you can base this on your favorite songs, artists or even genres. You can print out CD artwork or pics of you with your IPod. There are many possibilities.

Month 5

This month we will be working on an easy and fun scrapbooking project for our album, my favorite things to do. You can spend a day taking pictures of yourself doing some of your favorite activities. You can make a bulleted list. There are lots of fun options this month. To start take a few minutes and write down what you like to do, then wait a day or so and look at your list again, you may want to make additions or changes. Then pick out your paper, take some pictures and make a layout.

All about me album

Month 6

This month we have 2 separate page layouts for our scrapbooking project, but depending on your circumstances you may choose to combine them.

1) My first love - I am sure you have some photos of the person you first fell in love with, maybe this is the person you are still in a relationship with now or maybe not. Either way it would be good to journal about your first love, why it worked, why it didn't and some basic information about that person.

All about me album

2) Things I would have done differently - we all have things in our lives we wonder "what if" - pick one or more of these what if's and journal about it - if you have photos that’s great but if you don't that’s ok too. A large embellishment or drawing you make works just as well as a photo.

All about me album

Month 7

Summertime always reminds me about being a kid. This month’s scrapbooking project is to create a layout about your childhood. This can be a single or double page layout. Grab some pictures of your infancy to preteen life and journal some memories you have!

All about me album

Month 8

This month’s scrapbooking project involves 2 separate layouts.

1) Last month you worked on your childhood to pre-teen years. This month it is your teenage years. You can make it fun by picking out paper in colors and patterns that were popular during your teen years. What were the styles and fads? Have any of these come back? Do some creative journaling.

All about me album

2) Your next challenge is to create a layout based on role models who have guided you or that you have looked up to. These can be people you never met, family members or even someone you read about who inspired you. One of my role models is a fictional character.

All about me album

Month 9

With back to school time we’ll keep this month’s scrapbooking project simple. Create a page to document your education. Hopefully you have some photos and dates from when you graduated from school, participated in a certificate program etc. Document your happiest memory for each event.

All about me album

Month 10

This month’s scrapbooking project involves 2 separate fun layout challenges to work on.

1) What are your favorite movies? You can document your current top picks or your overall top picks. You can include scanned art from the DVD case, ticket stubs or even a photo of popcorn. Get creative!

All about me album

2) What are your favorite holiday(s). Document your layout with pictures and journaling including why you picked this holiday. Personally my favorite is Halloween – the one holiday where you can dress up and be anything you want!

All about me album

Month 11

As the weather gets colder (at least up north) you can think back and create pages for your current month's scrapbooking project. This month’s page layout challenge involves 2 separate layouts.

1) What is your ideal day? This can vary considerably for each person. Maybe you want to walk on the beach, or spend a day at the spa (all expenses paid of course), a day with your girlfriends, taking your kids to Disney, a romantic dinner with a husband or significant other. Whatever it may be, document it for this layout. It can be something you have done or something you want to do. The sky is the limit, it is your day!

All about me album

2) Where have you traveled? This could be the next town or several continents. If you have done some extensive traveling you may want to make pinpoints on a world map. If you have stuck to the USA – a map of the US would be a great starting place. You can simply make a list or use photos from favorite spots. It would be nice to include dates and journaling as well.

All about me album

Month 12

Congratulations you have nearly completed and album all about YOU. In light of this accomplishment your last scrapbooking project involves creating a page that lists or documents your proudest accomplishments. Personally I think creating this book should be among them, with some time and dedication you have given your family a snapshot of yourself and what was important to you!

All about me album

All about me album

All about me album

All about me album

For more scrapbooking projects check out our other layout ideas.

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