Scrapbooking Organization Made Simple

Are you "into" scrapbooking organization or have you arrived at a crop to find you forgot your photos or reached for the glue dots only to remember you used the last one a week ago? Donít worry; it happens to the best of us from time to time. Use my sample check list to help prevent these little mishaps.

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A few simple changes can make all the difference to your scrapbooking organization. I keep a small notebook in my crop bag so if I use up something or am running low on something I write it on my shopping list. This not only saves time but money. By buying my items as needed I can often make use of the local chain stores 40-50% coupons. You donít think using a coupon on an adhesive is worth it? If you only use 1 adhesive a month youíd save $40 a year just on adhesive. If you do that with several other supplies you use frequently think of how many more cool embellishments you can purchase with your savings.

When you want to get organized but you only have a few minutes to spare then check out my list of scrapbooking organizational tips which will get you off to a great start Ė fast.

To determine the best way to get your scrapbooking organized you need to think about how you crop.

Where do you crop? If you work mostly in your home for example a small dedicated area may be the best place to scrapbook. Most of us dream of having our own scrapbooking room but it just isnít doable in most households. Count yourself amongst the lucky if you have one. If you crop in a store you will need some type of rolling bag and other storage containers that will keep your supplies handy inside.

What supplies do you use most often? Keep them in a handy location no matter where you crop. I use a tool caddy to keep all my most used tools handy and keep it well stocked.

How large is your stash of scrapbooking supplies? This will of course determine what type of storage you will need to make the most use of your supplies. If you canít find them you wonít be able to use them. Do you need to scrapbook in smaller time increments? Then you will need to my scrapbooking in 15 minute increments how-to. It is the secret to my success.

I crop mainly in a store, but I have an old metal tool box my husband repainted white that I picked up at a tag sale. It has drawers of varying sizes and is a great storage location for how I crop. I only pack what I need in my crop bags. I unpack all but a few supplies after each crop. (I do keep certain essentials packed.) The extra storage allows me to buy certain items on sale and stash them for future use. My other must have organizational scrapbooking storage item is my 2-drawer 12x12 paper cabinet. I keep my cardstock by color and patterned paper by theme or manufacturer. I can quickly access the paper I want and know when I need to purchase something else for a project.

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