Scrapbooking Idea Templates Everywhere

Templates in themselves are a great scrapbooking idea. Want to create a cool shape on your scrapbook page? Use ordinary items to create extrodinary shapes!


There are many items you can use as templates in your scrapbooking. Try some of the following ideas:

  • Trace around chipboard shapes. The chipboard border shown in the below photo was found for less than 25 cents in a clearance section. I created 2 different sized borders by just tracing the lower section of the chipboard shape.
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  • Need a circle? Use a glass, mug or bottle.
  • Need a square?. Use a vase, votive candle holder or box.
  • Need a random shape? Try a Bo Bunny flexible ruler. This will also work for a wave.
  • templates
  • Want a fun shape for a cooking page or kids page? Trace around cookie cutters.
  • If you have kids you probably have some plastic shape templates laying around you can use.
  • Just look around your home with new eyes - almost anything can be a template.
  • Need something to match your layout? Try our matching embellishment how to page.
    Looking for ways to use tempates to create a new look check out this blog post.

    Hope you use some of these fun ideas. For those who fear freehanding a shaped template is an easy alternative.

    Find another great scrapbooking idea here.

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