Scrapbooking Idea Mosaic


The concept of using mosaic is a scrapbooking idea is not new but it is a fun in the way to add a new element to your scrapbooking layouts. To create a mosaic element on your page, first decide how large you would like the mosaic to be then find a suitable photo. It is best if your photo only has one key element on your first attempt. For example photos of a single item are much easier to scrapbook than a complicated photo with many different focal points.

Cut a piece of card stock to the desired finished size of the mosaic of the mosaic and decide what size photo blocks you are creating. For the example I used 1 blocks. Cut your blocks and carefully adhere to your cardstock. You want there to be an equal spacing of cardstock around each block.

There are several options to creating a mosaic. Here are a few fun ideas to try. Create a mosaic with a single photo. Use a scenery photo in your mosaic and replace blocks with cardstock or patterned paper of the same size. You can also strategically place a larger photo block within your layout. For example cut the larger blocks to be equal to 4 smaller blocks including the space you need to leave between the blocks. This takes come careful cutting but looks great.

Hint if you do a mosaic of a person or object you want to be clear when viewed after it is cut and adhered down use smaller spacing between the blocks.

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