Scrapbooking Idea Matching Embellishment

by Cathy Palmer and Autumn Craig

Try using this scrapbooking idea which can be done on almost any layout. Choose one element from your photo (like sunglasses) and make a large cutout of the item on your layout. Just like Cathy Palmer did in this fun layout of her grandaughter. You can use a premade pattern like Cathy did for the sunglasses or make on of your own like she did with the hula hoop shown below.


If you have a great photo and really want to highlight an element of your photo why not create a matching embellishment. This plastic cutout came in a package with other plastic templates for scrapbooking but could easily be duplicated in cardboard by tracing a pair of sunglasses to make your own pattern.


In the next layout Cathy created she loved the hula hoop element in the photos and thought it would really make the layout pop to add a hula hoop to the layout.


Unable to find a pattern she created her own pattern out of heavy cardstock. She drew the general design out but had trouble making it symetrical. She ended up folding the paper in half so she could create the balanced look she wanted.


This is a simple idea to try. The possibilities are endless. Some ideas: a starfish, sand dollar, tree, leaf, pumpkin or animal.

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