Scrapbooking Idea - Masking

Masking is a fun scrapbooking idea to try. The best part is it is simple and easy and there is no need to purchase any supplies unless you want to. All you need is some paint, a paintbrush or sponge and cardstock that you cut a design out of. Masks are the opposite of stencils. You are covering the area you donít want painted or stamped.

Place the mask on your layout and position it where you want. If you use the Tim Holtz style masks that I used to create this layout they are tacky on one side and can be moved but will stay put while you paint over them. If you create your own masks you can cut or punch out letters, shapes or designs and hold it down with your hands or repositionable adhesive. If you have a die cutter of some kind you can cut the design out, pop out the pieces and use them as your mask. A Cricket or Silhouette would be great to make masks. Hand punches would also work well. If you use plastic masks that already have repositionable adhesive on them, donít make my blunder and try to clean them on a paper plateÖ. they need to be cleaned on a counter or plastic mat.
If you need to pull up your mask and re-use it on an area just be cautious and not paint over an area you have already masked. You can further embellish the masked area like I did with glitter or small beads or you can apply different color paint by hand with a brush.

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