Embossing 101

Supplies needed:

  • 1. Stamp pad
  • 2. Embossing powder
  • 3. Heat gun
  • 4. Craft tray
  • 5. Stamps
  • A few substitutions can be made if you don’t have all the above tools. You can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun (try a low setting first) and if you don’t have a craft tray for easy clean up then use newspaper.

    Be sure your stamp pad is made for embossing. These will be “wetter” than some stamp pads made for a chalking effect. If the stamp pad doesn’t say but it is pretty “juicy” then try it on a scrap piece to test out the effects.

    Step 1 – Stamp your image onto the paper.

    Step 2 – sprinkle powder on the stamped image while it is still wet and shake off any excess powder. This is where it is nice to have a craft tray. This type of tray has a small spout in one end so you can easily pour the excess back in your container to use next time.

    Step 3 – Apply heat with the heat gun. Move the heat over the image until it begins to melt and puff out a little. Don’t hold the heat in one place too long or it will burn.

    If you are using multiple images for an embellishment then you can stamp several and then heat them one by one. I wouldn’t try to do any more than you can in 5 minutes. If you wait to heat too long the effect won’t be as nice.

    Since your powder has a color or metallic sheen to it depending on what effect you want, the stamp pad color really doesn’t matter since it is being covered up nearly 100%.

    Some powder will produce a higher raised image than others. Regular powder has a slight raised image while ultra thick powder will have more of a raised image. I have also seen fun flock which can produce more of a marshmallow effect when heated. It makes a great snowman in the winter or marshmallow on s S’mores page in the summer.

    Do you have a fun idea or technique to share? Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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