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Altered Art Technique Textured Effect

Using Gesso, gel medium and a simple altered art technique you can create a textured surface you can decorate or stamp on your altered art or scrapbooking pages. Note this process may not be acid free!


Paint the area you want the textured effect with a heavy coat of white Gesso. You can then stamp or press objects into the wet Gesso to create the effect you want. Let the area dry or heat set it.

Alternate 1 Mix equal amounts of white Gesso and gel medium in a small bowl and paint the mixture over the area you want the effect to be. Using the pointed end of a brush you can draw words or designs into the area.

Alternate 2 - Mix equal amounts of white Gesso and gel medium in a small bowl. Put a brass stencil down on your page and fill the cut out area with the mixture scrape over the top with a plastic scraper or old credit card. I use a plastic scraper from pampered chef. Carefully remove the brass stencil and let dry or heat set before doing anything additional.

If you really want the textured effects to pop you can mix in a small amount of acrylic paint to the mixture before you start to put it on your page.


You have now created textured effect!

Find more altered art techniques here.

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