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Altered Art Technique – Creating a Spinning Wheel

Using a simple altered art technique you can create an embellishment which spins around with one “pie slice” open displaying different pictures, words or page elements.


Adding a wheel or spinner to a page can be fun scrapbooking idea to try. This project details how to create a window in the wheel so different images can be displayed when the wheel turns. You can experiment using different shapes but a circle is the easiest shape to work with. See the below template.

Decide what images you want to display as the wheel turns, keeping in mind that the images will need to be cut or displayed into pie shaped pieces unless you just want random pieces of your image to show through. (circle B)

Draw a circle onto scrap paper in the desired size (see template below - circle A) and divide it into even pie shaped pieces. The size of the pie pieces will vary depending on what image you are trying to display and the number of images. A little pre-planning helps at this stage. A craft knife works well to cutting out the pie shaped photo/image pieces.

spinner template

The circle can be secured with and eyelet or brad.

As shown in the photo from an altered book, you can also secure a spinning wheel somewhere on your layout along the edge making the pie cut out right on your page and a small cut out to be able to spin the wheel along the edge. This method would require a bit more planning and patience though and may not be best for a first attempt.


You have now created a spinning wheel!

Find more altered art techniques here.

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